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First you must book a consultation, allow 30minutes for this appointment. This is a good opportunity for us to meet and for you to fully understand the microblading process. Most importantly, it will allow me to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure. During this time we'll discuss your makeup and lifestyle: do you like bold, statement brows or soft, subtler brows? Many clients have over-plucked in the past and want to return to their signature look. This consultation allows us to work together and customize the best brow for you.




1. Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oils, vitamin E, niacin, or drink excessive alcohol at least 48 hours prior to and after your procedure.

2. Do not take any prescription blood thinners at least 48 hours prior to and after your procedure.

Discontinue any vitamin A skin care products (Retin-A, retinols) close to the enhancement area at least two weeks prior to your procedure. **I recommend NOT using these products over or around the brow area after you receive Microblading. It could cause fading and distortion of hairstrokes.**

3. Discontinue use of AHA (chemical exfoliation) skin care products close to the brow area at least one week prior to your procedure.

4. No laser or electrolysis on or around the treatment area one week prior to procedure.

5. Do not have any chemical peels, dermabrasions, mesotherapy, or any other intense treatments which will cause faster skin cell rejuvenating and cause skin irritation 3-4 weeks before procedure.

5. No Botox or fillers in the procedure area four weeks prior.

6. If you regularly get your eyebrows shaped, waxed, threaded or tinted, please do so at least 3 days before your appointment.

7. Plan trips or events a minimum of 14 days after the procedure.

8. Limit the amount of caffeine you consume the morning of your appointment.

9. If you have been on prescription Accutane in the past, you MUST wait at least one year before considering this procedure.

10. It is highly recommended that you avoid SUN and TANNING BED exposure for 30 days BEFORE and AFTER your procedure. If you show up for your appointment with a new tan or a sunburn, you will need to reschedule and will forfeit your booking fee. As your skin exfoliates from a sunburn, it will take the pigment with it.

11. If you have an ideal shape and color in mind, bring a few reference photos with you to your appointment.

12. You may fill in your eyebrows as you normally would so we can take into consideration the shape you desire.

13. If you have existing cosmetic tattooing you need to contact me BEFORE booking your appointment.

**If you don’t take into account these instructions and we need to cancel your appointment day of, you will be charged a late cancellation fee of $100**

Please be realistic with your brow expectations, although symmetry is always our goal, no one's face is 100% perfectly symmetrical. IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR EYEBROWS TO BE PERFECT MIRROR IMAGES OF ONE ANOTHER, you've heard the saying "brows are sisters, not twins", that applies here too. 

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